About us

We are a female owned and led brand founded in 2020. Our skin care is focused on giving you the skin you deserve and the tools to achieve this.

Our Founder, was tired of the big named brands. She had tried out many brands and spent a lot of money on products that were not effective, or suited for her olive skin and found they were full of chemicals and other nasty stuff.

She wanted to see a brand that catered for a busy life, as a working Mum of two, she's constantly on the go working. Bedou Beauty was born, bringing you products that do wonders for your skin at fraction of the price compared to big brands.

Having used ice cold water and ice on her face for years as part of her beauty routine she wanted something that was more practical, slick, reusable and enabled her to try out with recipes such as aloe vera. She put pen to paper and hence the ultimate glacial facial - Glam Ice™ was created.

She has featured in a wide range of press including Cosmopolitan Magazine, Red Magazine, Evening Standard, Closer Magazine, TV and Radio.

Glam Ice™, the ice facial tool has been designed to contour and sculpt your face, tighten pores, de-puff eye bags and add radiance to your skin. It is re usable and puts you in control allowing you to experiment with natural recipes like coconut water, lemon water, green tea etc.

Glam Ice™ has been featured in the recent edition of the GoodHouse Keeping Magazine (May 2022).

We are a UK brand and ship internationally.